Bruce is a swiss army knife for sales representatives of Maharam (a leading textile company in New York city). It integrates sales dashboard, business tools and product search functionality.

One of the key features I designed was to connect a barcode scanner to the iPad for more efficient product search. One of my observations during the concept design phase was that sales reps always bring sample textiles with them to client meetings. I came up with an idea to connect a barcode scanner to the iPad which allows sales reps to quickly find all relevant product information by simply scanning a textile sample with the iPad.

My another major contribution was the design and realization of a seamless and efficient user flow. To create an intuitive search experience for sales reps who often times are faced with massive information, I designed a custom tile system supporting a variety of gestures including swipe, pinch, long press, and among others. This system enables the sales reps to more effectively search from hundreds of textiles (each in multiple colors and different styles, namely textile/install/pattern).

After this project, I recreated and open sourced the animated pie chart on github.

@Potion Design, 2012

Biblion is one of my favourite projects.

The design concept of Biblion was largely inspired by Future of the Book (2010, IDEO) and PULSE (Alphonso Labs). As the lead developer, I was engaged in the interaction design and development of Biblion. My favorite feature is the link visualization in stack view.

Shortly after the release of its release, Biblion won a series of recognition including Apple iPad App of the Week, Apple New and Noteworthy App, Honorable Mention in the 2011 Knight-Batten Awards.

Ipad App, Mobile Interactive Exhibition
@Potion Design, 2011

My friend Jongmin and I wanted to created a domino chain reaction that could sing and fun to play. The audience composes melody and controls the rhythm by simply moving around in front of the webcam, which captures the dynamic pixel information created by the audience’s movements and transforms it into color bricks.

My main responsibilities in this project included concept development, prototype, and coding.

Colorful Melody entered ITP’s 2008 Winter Show, where Marcelino Alvarez, former executive interactive producer at Wieden+Kennedy favoured this project and brought it back to Wieden+Kennedy’s Lobby Exhibition headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

Interactive Music Generator and Visualizer
Openframeworks, Maxmsp
@ITP, 2008

I was totally amazed by the fictional music animation, 'Animusic' and dreamed to create a robotic instrument that could not only play itself but was visually enjoyable.

Irregular Incurve is a MIDI controllable robotic string instrument. The twelve independent string-units compose the complete musical scale of 12 units. Each string can plucked by a motor control guitar pick. A MIDI keyboard is attached to the instrument serving as an interface for audience to interact with the instrument. Irregular Incurve can also play pre-programmed music by itself.

Irregular Incurve entered ITP’s 2009 Spring Show followed by ITP’s 2009 Spring Gallery of excellence. It was exhibited at Sony Wonder Lab (2009) and at Gizmodo Gallery (2010). Irregular Incurve was also presented at NIME 2010 (Short Papers).

MIDI Instrument, Robotic Sculpture
Arduino, Wood, Steel, Acrylic, Servo Motors, Guitar Strings
5' x 4' x 3'
@ITP, 2010

In November 2011, Brooklyn Phil started a concert series across Brooklyn. The first concert in this series themed Russian cartoon music at Millenium Theater in a historical Russian neighborhood in Brighton Beach, Coney Island.

Inspired by Animata (an open source real-time animation software, designed to create animations, interactive background projections for concerts, theatre and dance.), we created a program to produce real-time motion controlled projection mapping experience for pedestrians passing by the theater. Pedestrian audience saw and interacted with their own projections in cartoon characters popping up on the theater building, and felt connected with the concert inside.

Project Lead

@Potion Design, 2011